Meet the committee!

So now that our committee have settled into their roles (and have been working hard behind the scenes to get the society going) I think it’s a good time to introduce everyone! Each member have their own emails to contact them directly listed below, but you can also email us at !


Role: President

Name: Sara Jackson

I’m Sara and I’m the founder and president of the women in STEM society at UofG. I’m studying Neuroscience and I’m in my 3rd year. I want this society to have 2 big elements to it: firstly, we want to provide a platform by which you get to hear first-hand from female researchers what their journey has been like as a female in one of the STEM disciplines, but also for you to be able to ask them general questions and (hopefully!) create networking opportunities. Secondly, I would like us to be trained as STEM ambassadors who specialise in working in schools etc with younger girls and families to promote and raise awareness of how best to support women in STEM disciplines. I also would like to hold an annual conference at UofG to celebrate the work female researchers/students at the university have been doing.

Because this is just a new society, please bear with us if you don’t hear too much in the first term, we will be working behind the scenes to set up as much stuff as possible so for future years it all runs smoothly – of course we will be able to organise socials fairly easily so for anyone who enjoys a night out, you won’t miss out on that!





Role: Secretary

Name: Anthee Paraskevopoulos

anthee wistem

Anthee and i am the secretary. i will be responsible for keeping the committee ‘tidy’ and organized. I will mainly be assisting Sara in getting in touch with people who can potentially help us out, like key speakers, but also organize events and anything that needs to be done really. i am also responsible for membership and stuff, so any questions you’ve got just fire them my way, I’ll be happy to help!





Role: Treasurer

Name: Gintarė Sendžikaitė


My name is Gintare and I am doing Masters of Research in Biomedical Sciences. I am the Treasurer  of this society for the upcoming year. I will be managing the finances of the society and hopefully with some help of other members we will be able to arrange some funding and find some sponsors. Feel free to approach me if you have any suggestions or generally need some life advice 😛





Role: Social Convenor

Name: Greta Isola


I’m Greta and I’m the social convenor of the society. I am a second year Pharmacology student. I truly believe that it is fundamental to raise awareness about the past and present importance of women in STEM fields. As a social convenor I would like to organise conferences hosting women who have a successful career in the STEM field in order to show, that, even though it has not always been easy for women to prove their value in such field, there are many extremely talented women who manage to succeed.
Furthermore, since many high school girls sometimes are put off STEM subjects when thinking about which field they should continue their education in, I would love our society to become a STEM ambassador and show that it is not hard to be a woman in the STEM field and to encourage more girls to get into these subjects.
I really hope that everyone has enjoyed being a part of the society so far and I can’t wait for our new socials to come up! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.





Role: Publicity Convenor

Name: Ada Scarrott


What I plan to do – It’s my job to publicise the society and spread the word about women in stem subjects. I’m currently starting to write a set of interviews with female staff from within STEM subjects throughout their university, to talk about the amazing research they are leading and their experiences of being a women in STEM. Also, alongside everyone else in the society, I am going to be working on getting STEM ambassadors into local schools, and talking to them about the wonderful opportunities in STEM.





Role: Engineering Convenor

Name: Jaime Robb


Hey! My name’s Jaime, I’m a second year Biomedical Engineering student. My role on the wiSTEM committee is Engineering Convenor.
I hope to link with other societies to create a strong presence in the university community as well as build ideas and gain resources. I really want to work towards interaction with schools and youth groups, arranging workshops, information days and visits to inspire and motivate the next generation.





Role: Science Convenor

Name: Kirsty Woodall


My name is Kirsty, and I study Molecular and Cellular Biology. My role in the committee is Science Convenor; bringing members of our society together to celebrate the merits of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. If you have any questions about our amazing society get in touch!





Role: Science Convenor

Name: Alice Clark

‘My name is Alice Clark, I am a third year Zoology student and currently a Science Convener for wiSTEM. I’m very proud to be a part of the establishment of this society and am looking forward to see what is in store for us this year. As Science Convener, I plan to be a point of contact for anybody thinking about pursuing a degree in Science or those already studying. I can provide you with contacts within and outwith the University, particularly for Biology students, to further your connections and opportunities. In addition I will be running a blog to highlight women in STEM and important news updates in the field of STEM. I’m looking forward to working with the other wiSTEM committee members to make this society an integral part of Glasgow University for many years to come.’


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