Jaime at Monster Confidence

On Thursday 8th September The Stemettes took over the James Watt building at the University of Glasgow. The Stemettes are a fantastic organisation aiming to inspire females into STEM through mentoring, exhibitions and panel events. In partnership with Monster (job site not the energy drink) they presented two sessions of their ‘Monster Confidence’ event. The morning session was aimed at girls in high school and the afternoon for over 18s/students.









Greeted with friendly faces and a lanyard the afternoon begun with mingling around a selection of exhibitions. These were a mixture of industry and academia stalls featuring UofG’s Wellcome Trust Centre for Molecular Parasitology. (They have maybe the coolest leaflets and hand-outs EVER, credit to artist Edward Ross).

After a short introduction from Head Stemette and co-founder Anne- Marie our keynote speaker was introduced. Jenni Doonan is a space engineer and has worked on satellites that provide us with our weather forecast images. She highlighted the varied careers and future projects available from a data background: JUICE, the project for a spacecraft travelling to Jupiter, PLATO, setting up and activating telescopes hunting for alien life and the planned Spaceport at our very own Prestwick! Also to be noted is the company she started out at, EUMETSAT. Apparently you can contact them and request a photograph of Earth on any date and they will send it to you for free! Super cool bargain!

Following this we broke off into groups, I started at speed mentoring. We had time to speak with 5 mentors from different industries and careers, each offering different advice and insight. After this it was onto a workshop, there were four choices including CV writing and presentation skills. Top tips for presenting confidently were the 6 P’s: preparation, purpose, passion, pictures (we remember 50% of visuals during a presentation), personal and practice. We were encouraged share a story, demonstrated by expert storyteller Barack Obama. Also if you’re looking to overcome those nerves then look up ‘Power Posing’.


Last on the agenda was interview practice, something I personally find terrifying. However interview practise and preparation is so important for making you ready when your dream oppotunity arises.

The day closed with a quick fire panel session taking questions from the attendees and a prize giving. The over 18s prize was amazing – a day of work experience in Canary Wharf, London! Yes my eyes fell out of my head too.

The Monster Confidence event is on tour so be sure to look out for future dates and share with your friends and family. Have a look below for links to everything mentioned in this post and keep an eye out for resources shared on our social media pages.





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