Meet the Committee!

Here’s a chance to know the faces and names that will be working hard to bring you fantastic events all year. Get in touch with the committee through with any questions or ideas. 


President – Jaime Robb

14641935_10154038022167825_2669034165157783939_nHey! I’m Jaime Robb, a third year Biomedical Engineering student from Scotland. I was elected WiSTEM President after being the Engineering Convener on committee last year. Being a part of WiSTEM since day one has given me a personal connection to the society. Combining my love for all things STEM and challenging the inequalities of the world I am determined to lead the society successfully. For me, WiSTEM is about creating a network of females within STEM that can support and celebrate each other and inspire the next generation. It’s important the society is open and welcoming to everyone, we can’t progress without a fair representative discussion. I’m so honoured and excited to be a part of this society and hope everyone enjoys and benefits from the year ahead.

Secretary – Maggie Ivanova14681880_1813357955554733_2807255650358075946_n
I am Maggie Ivanova and I am a 3rd year Biomedical Engineering student. I have been a member of WiSTEM last year, and I was elected to be the Secretary of the society this year. I am really excited to be actively involved in the organization and promotion of WiSTEM within the university, as I would like to share my passion for STEM with others. I am here to help with any questions about the society or the events planned.

Treasurer – Kirsty Woodall

14650655_10157519478090104_4264475991389907555_nHello, my name is Kirsty Woodall and I’m in my final year of Molecular and Cellular Biology. I was elected WiSTEM Treasurer after previously participating as a Science Convenor. My duty is to organise funding for the society so we can continue to provide informative (and very fun) events for our members. One of our goals is to maintain a stream of information on work placements, conferences and graduate opportunities so our members are never left outside the loop. We will also continue to scrutinise inequality in STEM, and bring our members in close contact with experts in all fields. Even with our emphasis on female inequality in STEM, we desire all to join. I am very proud to be accepted as part of this society, and continue to support all those who require it. My best, Kirsty.

STEM Conveners
Science – Miriam Scarpa
I am Miriam Scarpa and I was elected Science Convenor for this society. I am on my final year of Molecular a

nd Cellular Biology, therefore Biology is my main field. However, i am a Science enthusiast and I’ll always be happy to cover -as I can- other scientific fields! I am super- excited to be active part of WiSTEM, help out in organising events, discussions and socials and promote the STEM community!


Technology – Rachel McCormack14705780_1193746610686590_8380193663667201153_n
My name is Rachel McCormack, I’m a 4th year Masters Computing Science student. I was elected the Technology convener, and my aim is to celebrate and support women in technology subjects as well as promote events and opportunities to members of our society who study in technology. Feel free to contact me any time about anything
technology related – I can be found at



                                                           Engineering – Grace McLachlan
I’m Grace McLachlan and I am currently in 3rd year studying biomedical engineering. I was elected to be the Engineering Convener for this year and it is my first year on the committee. My role in the society is to provide a link to industries and individuals within the engineering field. I am excited to be involved in this society, to allow me get to know other students in STEM subjects and to inspire the next generation to continue in STEM subjects.



Maths – Anna Sehn14718825_10154073076825017_2800044651989414991_n
My name is Anna Sehn and I am a final year Statistics student. I joined WiSTEM this year and was elected Maths Convenor. My part as a Maths convenor is to establish a link between the society, industry and Maths oriented students. I am thrilled to be involved in WiSTEM and especially excited about opportunities for discussion and to be a part of a STEM-oriented community



Publicity Convener – Ailish O’Sullivan

ailish-wistemHi, I’m Ailish and I’m currently a 3rd year Genetics student. I became a member of wiSTEM this year and was elected as publicity convenor. I have so far really enjoyed my time within the society and as a committee member. This is a great society providing links between the individual STEM subjects as well as connecting women within this field. I feel the society is extremely important for the voices of women in STEM, especially with inspiring women to strive further in their careers and improve the prospects for future generations. I am looking forward to what the society has to offer this year and attend the many exciting events they have lined up to inspire me within my course.


Events Convener – Emily Adam14670595_1191699460876349_5872719472768507707_n

I’m Emily Adam and I am a third year Biomedical Engineering student. I have recently been elected as events convener for the year ahead. I am looking forward to organising a wide range of events to help fundraise and promote the society within the university. I am looking forward to sharing my passion for STEM and organising opportunities for us all to meet others who share this passion. If anyone has any suggestions of events they would be keen for us to organise, please get in contact through the facebook page.


We can’t wait for the year ahead, we hope to meet a lot of you along the way!



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